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WordPress is the company that makes a content management system (CMS) which is approved by millions of website developers around the world. With WordPress CMS, managing a website is so much easier than anything else. Since WordPress CMS makes life lot less complicated for the website admins, most of the website hosting companies came up with a standardized package for less-computer-geek business holders or professionals, called Managed WordPress Hosting.

wp engine review

Anyone would have interest on the WP Engine hosting service output, since the customer base of WordPress is certainly very high. The general pricing starts at $29/month, but with WP Engine promo code and other types of discounts offered through resellers and affiliates will certainly bring the cost down by a remarkable bit.

Pricing & Plans

There are five basic plans for the WP Engine web hosting. Comparing to their prices, most of these plans would appear to be great deals – but slightly overpriced. Here’s a brief overview on each –

  • Personal: This plan intends to bring more new website owners to the industry. With $29/month price tag, it offers 10GB storage and 25k monthly visits.
  • Professional: Websites with higher bandwidth and data needs are encouraged to buy the Professional plan. 20GB storage and 100k monthly visits are the specialties of this plan, at $99/month.
  • Business: Companies that run well, they won’t have any issue to pay $249/month for a web hosting service. The monthly allowed bandwidth is 400k visitors, and it offers 30GB of storage space.
  • Premium: With 1 million projected views per month, Premium is targeted for bigger scale requirements. The storage is up to 300GB on this plan, and the pricing quote would be available upon a phone call to +1-512-827-3500.
  • Enterprise Grade: All the systems in an Enterprise Grade subscription are clustered, the security is in its tightest possible form and the scalability of servers is much better than anything else. Dial the same hotline for pricing and other information.

WP Engine Experience

For the newbies and less-techie people, WP Engine will certainly offer a much better usability, and usage experience. No CMS installation is required unlike others, upon the first login the subscriber gets to see the WordPress CMS pre-installed and they can start working on the Dashboard without any additional installation.

People who are highly reliant on the WordPress plugins will have a good time with WP Engine hosting pans. However, there’s a small list of unsupported plugins as well; which have been blacklisted due to failure of maintaining the necessary standard in WordPress Plugin Store. On another note, on WP Engine a user can’t install typical Linux and Windows based app.

Security & Customer Support

For the entry-level WP Engine plans, basic malware scans and a strong firewall is provided with regular updates against latest threats. The highest priced Premium and Enterprise Grade plans are protected with even better firewalls. WP Engine makes a commitment that if ever a website gets damaged due to a security breach, they’ll make the repairs for free.

For customer support, there’s no web based chat in the support window. Otherwise, every other customer support medium is there and the support team is pretty sincere about their duty.

Money Refund

The service offers a 60-day refund guarantee, just in case a subscriber can’t like the services.


As a managed WordPress hosting solution, WP Engine is very decent. However at the same price range there are plenty more alternatives in the market, but if you prefer staying to first party stuffs then WP Engine is the best option you have.

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