Free Web Hosting Vs Paid Web Hosting Services

Once you are ready with your site to make it available on the web, you will have to assess your objectives and decide on whether or not free web hosting solutions can assist you in meeting them. If the answer is yes, then you take one-step further towards buying these services from a reputed web hosting company. If you have only few storage and space needs, free web hosting services are a perfect option. However, with loads of huge traffic, you must consider buying services from a company like HostGator.

The cost needed to purchase web-hosting services has reduced with the hostgator coupon from, whereas advantages have increased like security, reliability and storage size. See the differences between free and paid web hosting services from any company, mentioned below:

Space and bandwidth

Generally, the more non-text content your site has, the more storage space you will require. If your site has large files such as audio or video clip, then you must need server storage space via a paid company. It is because these files also radically boost your requirement for bandwidth. The more viewers are needed to communicate with your website, irrespective of the reason. The main benefit of using a paid web-hosting plan is to provide support to your bandwidth needs in an easy and effective manner, which you do not get with free service.


While some schedule time will always be required for maintenance reasons, then HostGator web hosting company is a good tool that keeps your site secure against undesired downtime like software or hardware failures, attacks from hackers and administrator error. You need to pay for your downtime, as it can be costly in different ways. If you are making use of pay per click ads to carry out visitors towards your site, your money might be wasted. Therefore, it is important to hire a paid company. When you are choosing a provider to host your site, you must seek for packages that incorporate an uptime assurance.


It is a well-known thing that there might be many issues that arise with your site, like sluggish response time or scripts, which would not implement; having an instant resolution is must. Therefore, when you work with free services, you cannot expect a good customer support to provide you with the best solution. While the paid company provides you with the complete guarantee to support you in any downtime or failure. It is important to make sure that the support is incorporated with the hosting package. It is because there are providers, who charge extra money for 24×7 support solutions.

These are some advantages; a paid web hosting service has, over free services. Now, it depends on you to seek for which services as per your needs.

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