Hi, this is Rogelio C. Cox from Chicago. I am 52 years old and working as a cage cashier with Channel Home Centers. I have gone through many ups and down in my professional life but I never lost hope. Today, I am a successful person and also satisfied with all the little things that I have. My bad phase has thought me to appreciate things that I own today. I have very few friends and therefore I started sharing my thoughts and views with unknown people through blogs. Positive feedback and encouragement has given me new hope and ability to write more and connect with the strangers.

Blog My friend

I consider blog as my friend where I share and express my feelings and thoughts without any hesitation. When I receive great feedback from the readers it gives me a satisfactory feeling. Moreover, I get friendly with them and thank them to understand my thoughts. I share my experience of life and how I became a happy and satisfactory person with just few things that I won today.

You can also be happy with all the things that you have today and without worrying about the future. Connect with me and share your experience as well with the unknown people and stay happy.

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