How to Move a WordPress Site to SiteGround

To instantly get into blogging, WordPress based web hosting services can provide an instant gateway. SiteGround has managed WordPress hosting service which is based on the shared hosting plans from SiteGround, only WordPress is pre-installed on these packages and maintained for easier setup of a WordPress based website. The pricing is much reasonable on SiteGround hosting plans using SiteGround coupon code and if you are making a switch to SiteGround, you’d probably require assistance on how to move a WordPress based website from some other hosting server to SiteGround.


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Full WordPress Transfer

Moving a WordPress based website from one hosting provider’s server to another’s isn’t a difficult task, it only takes moving the files, database and reconfiguring the settings on the new hosting server.

  • Transfer files: To transfer files for web hosting purpose, the popular FTP clients are typically used. If you don’t have any preference, FileZilla or CuteFTP could get your job done. Basically, you need to upload the files from previous server to a local computer, and then re-upload on the new hosting provider’s server. Websites that use cPanel as primary control panel could download the whole archive as a .zip file and extract on the new hosting server’s storage.
  • Database migration: This step requires exporting the WordPress database from the previous WordPress host, and importing it to the SiteGround WordPress hosting. cPanel users can go through these documentations, or follow the old school methods of export & import.
  • Reconfiguration: Anyone familiar with MySQL and PHP knows the basic drill of configuring a database, however below are the codes if you aren’t familiar with these

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘user_wrdp1’);
/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘user_wrdp1’);
/** MySQL database password */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password’);

from the SiteGround Website

Transfer Using

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of manually transferring the files, database and reconfiguring WordPress on your new SiteGround hosting plan, then you could do the whole process from as well, because WordPress now offers this feature over a stand-alone WordPress installation on any hosting plan, including SiteGround’s shared hosting plans.

On the left pane inside WordPress, click on Tools menu and select Import. This procedure will lead to installation of WordPress Importer of the latest version. This plugin is free and easy to install, once installed WordPress should be ready to import a WordPress file of format .xml. Using this option, import the .xml file you have created using the WordPress export tool in your previous website hosting tool. WordPress would keep record of what contents have been migrated using this procedure. Once complete, the user receives a notification.


Both methods work pretty well, and they are very easy as well. SiteGround offers WordPress as a core element of hosting a website on their hosting space. Apart from technical aspect, the reasonable pricing and availability of affiliate marketers for discount coupon codes makes the service widely popular.