Amazon Hosting vs. Bluehost vs. HostGator Comparison and Review

There are too many web hosts to choose from and the struggle gets real when you have to pick one from many. To be diplomatically speaking, all of the hosting services offer pretty good deals, apart from the tiny drawbacks each of them has. The three services we have mentioned here are no different; even though Amazon hosting service looks kind of new into the game. Bluehost and HostGator both are owned by EIG so they offer pretty much identical services and stuff, but still people tend to be happier with the Bluehost hosting as various web reviews say. On the other hand, Amazon is highly reliable but not much suitable to newbies due to slightly complicated operation and features. Amazon offers Elastic Compute Cloud hosting – otherwise known as Amazon EC2 and it’s basically a whole different idea from the rest two.

Amazon Bluehost HostGator

Company Profiles and Pricing in Brief

HostGator is a very popular web site hosting company with nearly 9 million domain names hosted on their servers, worldwide. The numbers are solid and they represent people’s belief in HostGator’s service. Their offered storage space and bandwidth are unlimited in papers; however, there might be few restraining numbers when it comes to reality. The control panel, control-ability of the features and SEO optimization friendly hosting would surely amaze its subscribers.

On the other hand, Bluehost offers nearly identical packages. This is justifiable because both these companies are owned by EIG; same owner makes them offer nearly same packages. Bluehost packages are both personal and business website friendly. Bluehost and HostGator both companies offer a minimal starting price of $3.95 and this makes most people want to get a startup websites with these companies. There are more dedicated and shared plans, and even cloud hosting plans which would cost you different amount of money but to kick start a basic website project, you are good to go paying only $3.95 per month. Visit their websites for an in-depth review on the pricing.

Amazon EC2 hosting is a whole different concept. Better suited for bigger projects and one can even purchase hourly slots to host a website; that is why it is called Elastic Compute Cloud. The basic monthly pricing starts at $54.90 and for hourly hosting it’s $0.075/hour. For the price their service is unbeatable.


Amazon uses a Microsoft Azure based server ecosystem, also backed up by Rackspace. Their subscriptions are counted for payment per minute; however the total bill could be hourly or monthly depending on your preference. Platforms running Azure as basically costlier but Amazon keep the pricing within a reasonable range. Azure itself costs money apart from Amazon’s costs, that for making a website available worldwide within a shorter period of time. That’s all a bit technical discussion and hence, we aren’t going there.

Speaking of uptime guarantee, both Bluehost and HostGator offers 99.9% in papers. In tests, their uptime seemed pretty good. Not 99.9% as promised but they were hard working and always tried best to keep the website up and running 24/7. The customer support was actually very helpful and resolved any trouble whenever they were informed of it. For the money, it’s totally worth.

Ease of Management

Amazon EC2’s control panel is a bit different, but expert computer users will get hold of it sooner enough. Amazon is intended for higher computer literacy hence they never usually face adaptability issues. On the other hand, the cPanel in Bluehost and HostGator is very intuitive and easy to use; the users would know where to click to execute an operation after using it for a few minutes.


To suit your needs, you need to choose different companies. For personal and small business websites though, you might just start up with either Bluehost or HostGator. For larger projects, Amazon EC2 is the hosting to pick.