How to Minimize Web Hosting Downtime Issues

Owning a website could be difficult in so many levels. Just when you plan about taking a day off, your website might just take out its wrath on you by going down. A web host can go down for several reasons – for technical issues on the web hosting company’s end, or your end, or maybe some routine downtime you simply forgot. Whatever is the case, the concern we are focusing on is how to minimize the harm the downtime is going to cause. Since 99.99% uptime guarantee from the website hosting providers doesn’t always come true in reality so you need to know how to tackle these issues.

hosting downtime

Get Notified

Choose a web host that would always notify you before they take down the hosting service for a while or a long time. If you know beforehand then you could inform your audience about the maintenance by posting a notice or something. Since all hosting companies go through routine maintenance schedules, you could just ask them to notify you before they begin. In case of unnoticed downtimes or some unavoidable circumstances where neither you nor the web host is responsible for the downtime, you should really have an alternate option ready, like another domain.

Keep Alternate Domain

Keep a mirror image of your website and host it on another hosting provider’s server. Make both domain addresses popular so that if one website is ever down people get the opportunity to visit the other one. While this would take less than a minute, you would actually save an important part of your reputation. If your budget permits you could keep several alternate domains on various different web hosts. This requires a fairly good amount of money, though.

Notify Your Visitors

If both of the above mentioned options fail, then tell your visitors the problems you are facing and assure them that you are going to be back within a reasonable time. If you run an e-Commerce website where trust issues are involved, you have to deal with that as well. You could choose social media as an option to let your investors and/or customers know that you would be back soon. Choosing social media websites help since they are lot less likely to go through a prominent downtime.

Choose the Silent Guardian

It’s not possible for a website owner to keep their eyes on a website’s technical aspects and probable downtimes all day long. This is the web hosting company’s job to keep you updated about the status; however even they wouldn’t take the responsibility at the end of the day. You can sort of assume by following their hosting maintenance pattern; or if any issue has arisen by looking. But again, why would you have to keep looking?

Instead, hire someone else to do the job for you. For best output, engage a third party monitoring company to do the job. There are plenty and they don’t charge ridiculous, either. The investment might be small but their worth is lot more than that.


No one is perfect and so is your web hosting company. Downtime could occur and to avoid unpleasant situation regarding this technical issue, you should be ready to deal with it. Following the above suggestions you would just be sufficiently prepared.